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Design for Art & Social Change Organization (DASCO) is a youth Non-Governmental Organization operating in South Sudan fully registered. DASCO is using the incredible power of visual communication as a tool for positive communication for social change in our communities, specifically by raising the voices of individuals & groups that would be normally overlooked in our current communications din.

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To empower the Youths, Children, Elderly and the communities by facilitating access to information, social justice and social transformation to prepare and develops the youth and communities' capacities by taking into consideration the SDGs through creative ideas and innovative solutions and Arts & Designs approaches.


DASCO - is to realize social transformation of the youths and the communities through creative ideas and innovative solutions and develops skilled South Sudanese young refugees and the host communities’ persons who are able and meaningfully contribute to the development of their country and committed to be the best service providers to all the communities.

Core Value

Our main task is to provide link with external bodies and the local bodies, which focus on achieving these goals through stargazing creativity and innovation and Arts & Designs communications for social change.


To achieved a welled informed and socially transformed communities’ citizenry through innovative ideas and creative solutions.

Brief History of DASCO

Design for Art & Social Change Organization (DASCO) is an initiative that was started by Chol William a young Social Activist | Visual Artist | Therapist, after working with war affected Youths, and Children in Uganda and South Sudan when realizing that there are lots of untold stories that words cannot fully describe and yet there is need for someone out there who has never experienced or got exposed to such difficult life to generate a solution that would amplify the voice of the silent voices of Youths, Elderly, Women, Child Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

Using innovative ideas and creative solutions to realize social transformation, so many people are affected in various ways but the targeted majority being Youths and Women whom DASCO believe are the future generations and therefore for them to be sound minded and healthy leaders there is need for interventions that would evokes positive social transformation through innovation, creativity and Arts & Design approaches for Advocacy on various issues affecting their livelihood in order to realize positive social transformation and bring back normalcy and lost identity through Innovation, Creativity, and Arts & Design communications. So many South Sudanese are illiterate and can’t read the many text and Activists statements written on their behalf, so this created a vacuum for information access, which DASCO is trying to close.

We believe that information is power for social change and therefore every South Sudanese literate or illiterate must know and that why we in the DASCO are here by looking at inclusivity of all South Sudanese refugee and Host communities in terms of information sharing in order to realized positive social transformation and to make such difference in raising the silent voices in our communities.


The objectives of Design for Art & Social Change Organization (DASCO) shall inter alia: be the following:

a) To encourage spirit of hard work amongst the youth and discourage dependency to conduct skills development on training to enhance the skills of the youth for self-substance.
b) Creation of space for youths to share information through innovative ideas and creative solutions.
c) To promote and support major health education and awareness campaign for STDs and particularly HIV/AIDS by organizing workshop. Through visual Arts and Design, Entertainments, mass media and community gatherings.
d) Support youth, children and elderly persons in needs especially ( PSNs).
e) Promote girls’ child education and discourage earlier marriage through innovative ideas and creative solutions.
f) To engage, promote and supports by empowering communities through enhancement of small business activities amongst the communities for sustainable sources of income.
g) To promote, improve, engage in and encourage complementing educational activities in the areas by helping schools and the entire communities by urging institutions involved in education sector, to put resources located to the sector into maximum use.
h) To promote peace, reconciliation, peaceful co-existence and security amongst the various communities through the help of innovative ideas, creative solutions and Arts & Designs and supporting intercultural/ interethnic activities.
i) To serve and support child right activities in vulnerable and poor communities which are in dire need of socio-economic empowerment through poverty eradication programs.
j) To campaign and create awareness against gender based violence (GBV), design programs; organize training on how to fight gender based violence, rehabilitation of victims of gender based violence through visual communication.
k) Promote and support Wash activities for the improvement of the living condition in the areas in needs.
l) Provide shelter services to the vulnerable people in communities.
m) To provide pro-poor socio-economic livelihood capacity building training and empowerment and adaptation of new innovations for rural transformation, and engage in promotion of agriculture/ fishing, production of local foods etc.