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Design for Art & Social Change Organization (DASCO) is a youth Non-Governmental Organization operating in South Sudan fully registered. DASCO is using the incredible power of visual communication as a tool for positive communication for social change in our communities, specifically by raising the voices of individuals & groups that would be normally overlooked in our current communications din.

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Our Main Services

DASCO is a Humanitarian and Youth Empowerment Organization active in community capacity building on different areas through creativity, innovation and Arts & Designs information. The primary focus of DASCO is on the problems of the poor youths and communities in their struggle to obtains and impacted refugees and the host communities on issues related to the following:

Youth and Women Empowerment

We believe that there voices should also be heard.

Conflict Management and reconciliation

We also believe in Global peace.

Child Protection & Child Therapy

Children should always be people's first priority. We make sure they are in safe hands.

Human Right Awareness

To all the Refugee Communities, and all other oppressed communities we really want them to know about their Human Rights.

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